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UNICEF Case Study

Cookieless SORT technology drives site visits, outperforming other targeting tactics for UNICEF.

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• UNICEF’s agency, DELVE, tapped Undertone to help boost awareness of their overseas support in Ukraine.


• Encourage engagement within the ad creative, with an emphasis on driving qualified site traffic to learn more about UNICEF’s on-the-ground efforts with the war in Ukraine.


• Develop a targeting strategy that doesn’t rely on cookie-based segments to stay ahead of the cookieless curve while still maintaining performance and qualified reach.




• Undertone developed a multi-format solution that consisted of multiple ad formats in various placements on the page.


• Creative focused on Ukraine efforts and drove in-unit engagement via a scrolling timeline. This allowed users to spend time with the ad before clicking out to the site, creating a more qualified and informed site engagement once leaving the ad.


• Leveraged SORT™ Technology: a proprietary cookieless technology that clusters users into groups based on their “in the moment” behaviors to find engaged audiences outside of traditional tactics to strengthen performance.




SORT™ technology outperformed other targeting tactics across all KPIs & ad formats.


• +2x lift in page grabber visitation rate v. 3rd party targeting.


• 97% lift in brand visitation rate v. 3rd party targeting.


• 75% lift in page grabber interactions v. contextual targeting.




“Over the past year, DELVE, along with UNICEF, has made a strong push toward finding the newest and most innovative solutions to stay ahead of the decline of cookies. When Undertone introduced their SORT™ Cookieless Technology as a way to find new audiences, and even outperform traditional tactics, we were quick to take advantage. This solution, paired with their unique creative formats, was extremely effective at reaching our campaign goals and allows us to feel confident that we won’t have to sacrifice performance in order to reach key audiences in the future without cookies.”


– Shelley Diamond, Chief Marketing Officer, UNICEF USA


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