Search Publishers

Turn Search Intent
Into Revenue

Leverage search, ads, shopping, and news to monetize intent on your website, extension, app, or any other digital property. Generate more revenue while delivering premium search results for an enhanced user experience.

Monetize Desktop & Mobile Apps, and browser extensions
with Typed-in Search

Add the power of search to your app, search engine, mobile launcher, browser, or extension. Every search query returns a customized search results page (SERP) with text ads, shopping offers, and more. The SERP is powered by one of our premium search partners and our search technology for optimized revenues.

Search Advertising Partners

Content pages
AI-based monetization.

Leverage our AI-based contextual Ads for optimizing monetization of web pages by dynamically matching content with ads from a huge pool of our search partners’ advertisers.

Search Mediation
for Higher Yield

Technology to enable media traders to monetize search demand and achieve higher yields by leveraging the machine learning that drives our mediation platform. We offer optimized landing pages that boost revenues and offer maximum flexibility for your media campaigns across various platforms and verticals

Why work with us on Search Advertising

Capturing consumers at their moment of highest intent
Optimizing monetization of web pages
Achieving higher yields by leveraging the machine learning

Let’s unlock the possibilities of digital advertising

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