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The Uplift

The Uplift Collective is a transformative initiative designed to support and empower diverse media publishers. By assembling a network that includes Black, women, and LGBTQIA+ owned media outlets, we not only promote inclusion but actively participate in reshaping the media landscape. This initiative ensures that these underrepresented voices are not just heard, but also given the forefront in advertising opportunities.

Empowering Diversity with Every Campaign

At the heart of The Uplift Collective lies the commitment to drive economic empowerment and provide direct demand opportunities from premium advertisers. Every campaign run within this network contributes to this mission, as we donate a portion of the proceeds to charities and organizations that support the community. This unique approach not only supports the growth of diverse-owned media outlets but also aids in sustaining their impact on their communities and industries.

Uplift Collective Publishers

Resources for Growth and Success

Our partnership with the Uplift Collective forms a resource center for offering tech support, education, and training to our publisher partners. This support system is critical to equipping these publishers with the tools they need to succeed, ensuring they stay competitive and relevant in a fast-evolving media environment. Through The Uplift Collective, we aim to help foster a more equitable media landscape, promoting long-term community development.
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The Benefits of the Uplift Collective

Promoting diversity in the media landscape
Uplifting underrepresented communities & causes to make an impact
Providing direct & immediate support to minority owned publishers
Extending the impact of advertising budgets via donations to charity
Aligning advertising initiatives with brand values & DEI initiatives
Reaching new audiences publishers often overlook

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