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More Engagement. More Reach with CTV Ads

Our CTV solutions not only offer dynamic ad customization based on user context but also significantly broaden audience reach.
Engage more viewers across diverse demographics by leveraging targeted, high-impact advertising that captures attention and drives interaction.

Seamless Integration in
Live Events

Elevate brand visibility with live CTV integrations. We provide ‘L’ shaped banners and full-screen branded content during live broadcasts, including sports and music events, ensuring your brand is part of the moment.

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Interactive and
Performance-driven Ads

Drive deeper interaction and measure performance effectively with interactive video ads and performance CTV/OTT solutions. Our advanced formats engage users and provide detailed insights into ad performance.

Unique Engagement with Pause Ads

Stand out during viewer breaks with Pause Ads that display when users pause their CTV content. This unique non disruptive placement offers a fresh approach to capturing attention in non-traditional ad moments. These ads run across Live, VOD, and DVR content.

Why work with us on CTV Advertising

Broader audience reach and brand visibility
Dynamic Ad customization
Interactive Ad formats to enhance viewer engagement
Live Event Integration
Detailed performance insights and valuable metrics
Non-traditional innovative ad placements

Let’s unlock the possibilities of digital advertising

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