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Drive Scale 
Optimize Creativity, and Achieve Precision Targeting

Perion’s AI Technologies and machine learning bring deep intelligence to all phases of campaigns: planning, activation and reporting
Our advertisers use our AI-driven solutions, SORT® cookieless solution, WAVE dynamic audio, and more, to optimize ads for every touchpoint and every customer, drastically improving performance.

SORT® – proprietary,
privacy-safe targeting

This technology enables you to find the audiences most interested in your brand at that moment, across all browsers and devices. It targets users using AI technology without using any PII data.

It utilizes ‘in-the-moment signals such as weather, hour of the day, contextual information, user’s device type, and more for dividing the moments into intent groups. In real-time we predict the intent group for each request and select the best-performing intent group for each advertisement.

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WAVE. Dynamic Audio Ads
that Adapt and Engage.

WAVE leverages Generative AI to produce dynamic audio ads, generating hundreds of thousands of tailored audio messages. This solution adapts in real-time to a variety of factors such as context, behavior, geography, and demographics, employing advanced AI algorithms to significantly enhance consumer engagement and impact.

Targeting and Optimization
for Every Campaign

We utilize Machine Learning to deliver and optimize our campaigns. By analyzing real-time signals, our AI models can decide what advertisement to show that will have the highest likelihood of resonating with specific target audiences. This helps our agency and brand partners deliver more relevant and engaging content, leading to improved campaign performance.

Why work with us on AI Solutions

AI for planning, activation and measurement
Ads that adapt in real time
More precision. More performance
Privacy-safe AI-based targeting
Smart dynamic creative optimization
Award winning technology

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