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Owl Labs Case Study

High impact ads with cookieless targeting garners better performance compared to cookie based audiences

Channel Display


• Launch a new product and gain brand awareness, product features & benefits.


• Effectively scale delivery toward an interested audience using privacy protected targeting solutions.


• Create an interactive experience that allows users to explore and interact with key product differentiators.




• Created multiple high impact ad units to deliver a full screen canvas with detailed messaging alongside awareness-boosting animated banners.


• Undertone utilized their proprietary, cookieless SORT technology to scale delivery across browsers & devices that have limited scale when using cookie-based targeting.


• Outperformed cookie-based targeting using SORT AI’s continuous optimization towards top performing SmartGroups.




SORT™ technology outperformed 3rd party targeting across all KPIs & ad formats.


• 77% Lift in bottom adhesion CPR


• 21.5% Lift in interaction rate




“Undertone’s SORT technology perfectly achieved our need for a solution that protects user privacy, while maintaining relevancy and performance… it allowed us to find consumers we were never able to reach with previous methods… [and] we saw this new technology overwhelmingly exceed third-party cookies’, across all of our main KPI’s.”


-Mark Duffy, Sr. Ad Manager, Owl Labs


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