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Helena Rubinstein Case Study

Avant-garde luxury skincare brand harnessed innovative adtech to promote their new product and drive consumers into their stores.

Channel DOOH

Omnicom Media Group (OMG)

Core Objective

Helena Rubinstein wanted to run a campaign to increase awareness for their newly launched POWERCELL Youth Reinforcing Serum with the ultimate goal of increasing footfall traffic into its physical stores. In addition, Helena Rubinstein wanted to precisely measure the effectiveness of the campaign and analyze it for future campaigns. There was only one channel that could effectively achieve all of these objectives and respond to the competitive marketplace efficiently – programmatic DOOH.



Using programmatic DOOH technology and its advanced audience targeting and measurement solutions, Helena Rubinstein was able to reach its audiences on multiple DOOH screen environments and boost the effectiveness of the campaign through 3 different strategic approaches:


Locate: The Hivestack Demand Side Platform’s (DSP) “proximity geofencing” feature was used to plan and activate the campaign at specific DOOH screens that were in close proximity to Helena Rubinstein stores in Hong Kong, maximizing the ad’s impact to the exposed target audiences.​ Key locations included: Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Central, Mong Kok, Tuen Mun and Shatin.


Activate: Using the platform’s “custom audience” targeting tool, Helena Bubinstein promoted their new serum, targeting a select audience of premium skincare shoppers.​ Leveraging demographic and behavioral data, the audience segments were identified as “Females who are interested in cosmetics”, “Luxury shoppers” and “Beauty enthusiasts”.​ By layering this audience data, it helped to enhance the relevancy and receptiveness of the campaign among the potential target audience.


Retarget: Device IDs that were exposed to the programmatic DOOH campaign were shared with Helena Rubinstein for a retargeting strategy on other digital channels to boost the effectiveness of the DOOH campaign and drive both online/offline sales.



By the end of its one-month flight time, the campaign generated over 2.5 million impressions. In addition, a Footfall Lift Study (FLS) was conducted and the results recorded a:


382% increase in product awareness


3 x uplift in footfall traffic to the client’s 8 physical stores across Hong Kong


231% uplift for new customer recruitment with the omnichannel (targeting and retargeting) approach


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