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Mercedes Benz Case Study

Mercedez-Benz sees increased awareness & intent when pairing unique high impact executions with privacy-first SORT™ targeting.

Channel CTV


• Drive Awareness of Mercedes Benz CPO Vehicles & Sales Event at local dealerships.


• Generate interest in owning CPO vehicles among in-market, existing & new customers.


• Drive Actions/Intent-On-site.




• Used a multi-format high-impact approach to drive awareness across all screens – focusing on formats proven to drive time spent, attention & high site visitation.


• Use Dynamic Creative functionality to feature closest dealers & offer messaging, making creative relevant to each user.


• Find new & existing customers when they are most receptive to seeing a Mercedes ad utilizing the privacy-first targeting solution, SORT™.




SORT™ technology outperformed 3rd party cookies & contextual targeting across all KPIs.


• 58% Lift in page grabber CTR vs. contextual


• 53% Lift in page grabber CTR vs. 3rd party


• 33% Lift in page grabber IR vs. contextual


• 71% Lift in page grabber IR vs. 3rd party




“As a digitally innovative brand, Mercedes-Benz USA is always looking for unique creative experiences and first-to-market technologies to take our campaigns to the next level. Utilizing Undertone’s immersive High Impact formats including Live CTV, coupled with their latest privacy compliant targeting solution, SORT™, we were able to stand out across all screens, reach entirely new audiences and see a 70% increase in brand interactions.”


– Ashley Epperson, Media Supervisor at Mercedes-Benz


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