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Precision in Every Campaign.

Leverage our advanced cookieless and contextual targeting to identify and reach your audience more effectively.

Our innovative targeting solutions are tailored to meet your campaign objectives, make each ad placement intentional, engage your audience, and optimize every campaign for success.

Weather & Trade Area

Utilize data from our expansive network of weather sensors to craft custom campaigns that dynamically adjust based on current and future weather conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and weather alerts.

Our trade area targeting uses shopper movement data to identify specific locations with a high concentration of potential customers, ensuring that your campaigns reach the right audience in the right places.

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Contextual Targeting

Boost brand presence with our innovative cookieless targeting solution, meticulously crafted to align with safety, relevancy, and page content.
Our diverse solutions are designed to effectively connect brands with the most relevant content and audiences. Target specific categories, websites, and mobile apps, while ensuring your message resonates with the right tone through sentiment & language targeting.
Our safety features are designed to ensure that your ads reach the highest-quality, trusted platforms.

Full Funnel

Our measurement strategy leverages cutting-edge Machine Learning technology to drive campaign delivery and optimization.
By analyzing real-time signals, our AI models determine the most effective advertisements for specific target audiences, enhancing relevance and engagement.

This empowers our brand partners to deliver better campaigns as well as to determine the impact of their campaigns against all stages of purchase funnel-online & in-store.

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Customization & Support

We understand that one size does not fit all.

Our formats offer multiple customization options, allowing publishers to tailor ads that perfectly fit their site’s design and user interaction patterns. Beyond customization, we provide extensive support and analytics, giving publishers the insights needed to optimize their strategies continually.
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