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OVO Energy Case Study

Leading energy supplier activated programmatic DOOH campaign only when the national grid was being powered by a higher proportion of renewable energy sources

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OVO Energy wanted to inform the public about “greener moments” and drive sign-ups for their “Power Move” program, an initiative that rewards environmentally aware customers for adjusting their energy consumption to more sustainable periods, helping to decrease OVO’s carbon footprint.



OVO Energy collaborated with media agency Goodstuff and our programmatic DOOH technology company Hivestack to launch “The Greener Grid,” an innovative digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign. This campaign was unique in its activation, appearing on screens only during periods when the grid was predominantly powered by renewable energy sources. It was a world-first programmatic DOOH campaign that utilized real-time grid data and was part of a broader multi-channel effort for OVO’s Power Move initiative.


To enable this dynamic campaign, Stagwell’s technology, STAGE, was utilized to develop a custom algorithm for programmatic buying through the Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP). This algorithm automatically placed bids during times when renewable energy was prevalent, with updates every 30 minutes to maximize spend efficiency. This approach not only optimized the campaign’s impact but also minimized its overall environmental footprint.


The campaign’s key message, “If you’re seeing this, it’s a greener time to use energy,” was displayed across more than 2,600 digital screens nationwide, including digital six-sheets and large formats in roadside, rail, and shopping center locations.


By leveraging this disruptive strategy, OVO aimed to influence consumer behavior by activating only when it was the best time for OVO customers to use their energy.



The Greener Grid initiative is just beginning, with plans for a wider channel rollout following its exceptional success in benefiting both the business and the environment:


• 16,928 sign-ups to OVO’s Power Move during the two-month multi-channel campaign period, equating to 24% of total 12-month sign-ups.


• A threefold increase in traffic to the Power Move product page during the multi-channel campaign period.


• 681,521 kWh of electricity shifted – the equivalent of powering 252 houses for an entire year.


• 58.1 tonnes of carbon avoided.


• A 2% increase in OVO’s spontaneous brand awareness during the multi-channel campaign period, higher than any other energy brand.


• 82% of the campaign was delivered during greener moments, compared to these periods representing only 54% of the time (an index of 152 vs. a normal campaign).



“OVO Energy creates game-changing, green technology and services for our consumers, and, incredibly, this is also true of our advertising. This latest campaign is one example of the action we are taking every day to find new, innovative ways to cut carbon across our entire business and consumer base. And it shows that with the right inventive minds and the right tech, it is possible to find better ways of doing things.” 


– Alice Tendler, Director of Brand and Marketing, OVO Energy

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