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Fiji Airways Case Study

Leading luxury airline harnessed a data-driven approach to build brand awareness and brand loyalty across multiple markets in APAC

Channel DOOH

Core Objective

Fiji Airways, the recently crowned “Best Airline in Australia & The Pacific”, was looking to drive brand awareness across all of its markets and precisely connect with its audience using a data-driven approach.


By leveraging programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) to successfully meet its brand awareness objectives, Fiji Airways also wanted to establish brand loyalty in the minds of both existing and potential new audiences.



The attention-grabbing campaign ran in various markets including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, Canada and the US.


Fiji Airways was able to activate against pre-built demographic, behavioral, and contextual audience segments within the Hivestack DSP to effectively reach both of its primary and secondary audiences: young families and affluent travellers.


Fiji Airways also utilised dayparting to strategically serve ads during specific time slots on weekdays, 8-10 am, 12-2 pm & 5-7 pm, as well as peak hours over the weekend, according to the time of the day.


Leveraging custom audience segments created within the Hivestack DSP, the airline then utilized a leading omnichannel DSP for retargeting its audiences across other channels. The cohesive media strategy proved that programmatic DOOH can work seamlessly within a wider omnichannel strategy.


Thanks to programmatic DOOH, the Fiji Airways campaign remained agile and contextually relevant and swiftly adapted creatives across diverse markets within a single day.



The campaign was a huge success and over-delivered in impressions by 40% worldwide with a total of 79M impressions globally.


By launching this innovative programmatic DOOH campaign in China for the first time, Fiji Airways aimed to demonstrate success to all involved parties. A Brand Lift Study conducted in collaboration with TalkingData revealed compelling statistics among survey respondents:


• 44% recalled outdoor billboards, and 33% recalled elevator screen ads.


• 97% linked these ads to Fiji Airways, with two slogans achieving recall rates exceeding 40% and 30%.


• 76% improved their impression of Fiji Airlines, and 77% expressed an increased intention to choose it in the future.


• A remarkable 77% could recall outdoor and elevator screen ads, leaving a lasting impression on over 70% of the audience.


• By retargeting exposed audiences, the cost per acquisition (CPA) was reduced by 300%



“Thanks to Hivestack by Perion’s programmatic DOOH technology, we built a strong brand presence in key strategic markets across the globe with just a click of a button. With unique audience data from Hivestack, we were able to seamlessly activate and connect DOOH to other media channels, retargeting audiences with our campaign to further build brand awareness, engage and increase purchase intent.”


Steve Satinoff, Founder, Your Media Consultant


“We were excited to partner with Hivestack by Perion to deliver our largest programmatic DOOH campaign to date for Fiji Airways. As the pioneer of programmatic DOOH, we trusted Hivestack by Perion to raise our brand positioning in the market and drive consideration for our airline. We were delighted with the ease of trading DOOH in this way, in comparison with traditional planning and Hivestack were able to provide the full scope of services for campaign setup, optimization strategy, and post-campaign reporting just like what we are seeing possible on other programmatic media channels. Through programmatic DOOH, we were able to deliver more scale and precision than ever before in this channel.”


Christina Templin, Senior Manager Global Marketing, Fiji Airways

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