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lululemon Case Study

The multinational athletic apparel retailer achieved phenomenal results from several programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns

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lululemon wanted to drive brand awareness and increase in-store traffic in Germany. In order to achieve this, the Canadian-American multinational athletic apparel retailer opted to run multiple programmatic DOOH campaigns throughout the year. They also leveraged post-campaign measurement, specifically Brand Lift and Footfall Studies to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns.



lululemon’s media agency, Zenith, and Hivestack, developed a strategy to quantify the impact of the campaigns on key brand health metrics, such as awareness, consideration and favorability among exposed consumers. The Brand Lift studies gave insights into the role of the campaigns when encouraging consumers to visit lululemon retail locations. Ultimately, this would allow lululemon to measure the holistic impact of the integrated campaigns across both brand and direct response objectives.




The “shorts” campaign leveraged ”Custom Audience” targeting to reach the core lululemon buyer – females aged 18-34 interested in health, fitness and activewear. These audiences were reached contextually through outdoor screens in relevant environments, including gyms, transit stations and train platforms. The strategic audience and location targeting enabled impactful reach and engagement with individuals most likely to purchase and advocate for lululemon shorts, driving product awareness and ultimately motivating in-store sales.


Another campaign to run drove awareness for lululemon’s “performance leggings” by targeting screens along the marathon routes in Munich and Berlin during the event. This enabled the campaign to be exposed to participants and spectators when interest and receptivity would be at an all-time high.


lululemon has continued to leverage Hivestack’s programmatic DOOH capabilities, running campaigns year round. By continually optimizing DOOH strategies through an agile, data-driven approach, lululemon has been able to achieve remarkable results.




Hivestack’s unique custom audience and measurement capabilities allowed lululemon to exceed their core objectives. The results of the Brand Lift Study for the “performance leggings” campaign and the Footfall Analysis for the “shorts” campaign determined that there was a:


• 640% increase in brand image


• 208% increase in interest


• 314% increase in footfall traffic


• 4,296 modeled incremental walk-ins




“Together with the lululemon team, we leveraged Hivestack’s contextual targeting and measurement capabilities to drive huge lift in our German campaigns. Germany served as an initial test market for this strategy, which exceeded expectations and provided the proof of concept needed to scale further. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to expanding this always-on approach across other key markets soon. We greatly value Hivestack as a partner in driving breakthrough growth for lululemon.”


Charlotte Barker, Programmatic Manager at Zenith

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