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Georgia Tourism Board Case Study

Georgia Tourism Board uses cookieless SORT™ technology to outperform 3rd party & contextual targeting tactics.

Channel Display


• Reach a national audience and share Georgia’s wide variety of travel offerings.


• Expand footprint beyond the southeast.


• Build stronger perceptions and consideration of Georgia as an exciting, fun, unique, and great family destination.


• Reach new and untapped audiences via conventional and cookieless targeting solutions to future-proof their audience targeting strategy.




• Develop a lean-in, high-impact creative that allows users to explore the different aspects of all that Georgia has to offer.


• Utilize proprietary SORT™ Technology to reach new audiences that would be likely to travel to Georgia without the use of cookies.


• Design ad units to tell a story that ultimately drives users to their landing page, delivering on the main KPIs.




SORT™ technology outperformed other targeting tactics across all KPIs & ad formats.


• 41% Lift in page grabber CTR v. 3rd party


• 51% Lift in page grabber CTR v. contextual


• 11% Lift in bottom adhesion CTR v. 3rd party


• 71% Lift in bottom adhesion CTR v. contextual




“As Georgia emerged from the pandemic, our strategy was to welcome and invite travelers to explore all our state has to offer, from mountains to beaches and big cities to small towns. Our goal was to strengthen Georgia’s position as a must-visit destination on the national level, setting our sights beyond the regional level. The experience Undertone was able to provide allowed us to develop an innovative targeting solution matching the evolving cookie landscape, as well as to work with our partners to design and execute eyecatching creative that informed travelers of the unique and diverse experiences that can only be found in our state, ultimately inspiring travel to and within Georgia.”


– Mark Jaronski, Deputy Commissioner, Explore Georgia


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