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Ambetter Case Study

Ambetter utilised SORT™ to future-proof targeting strategy & drive increased performance.

Channel CTV

HLK Agency


• Target Ambetter’s audiences in key markets to drive awareness of the Open Enrollment Period, ultimately driving interest & leads.




• Utilize a combination of High Impact Display & CTV products to drive message awareness via ad experiences that stand out, while simultaneously reaching users across all platforms & devices.


• Maximize reach against the target audience by using a blend of targeting tactics, inclusive of SORT™ cookieless targeting, which will enable Ambetter to reach their audience across browsers & devices inaccessible with cookies.




SORT™ technology outperformed 3rd party targeting across all KPIs & ad formats.


• 87% Lift in page grabber CTR


•37% Lift in bottom adhesion CTR




“As a healthcare brand in a highly regulated industry, we have to be stringent with the opportunities we choose to test and learn from. Undertone’s new SORT cookie-less targeting solution was a welcome solution to our Open Enrollment campaign as it allowed a privacy-compliant way to test moving away from traditional 3rd party and pixel-based targeting and optimization models. 
Through SORT, Undertone identified and optimized toward top-performing SmartGroups throughout the flight, driving a 39% and 87% lift across our core creative units, as compared to cookie-based methods. As our industry moves away from cookies, solutions like SORT ensure that we are future-proofing Ambetter by maximizing campaign KPIs in a compliant, consumer-first way”.


– Sarah Wilson, Senior Media Director HLK Agency


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