WAVE Dynamic Audio

Transform Your
Audio Advertising
with Generative AI

Meet WAVE, our groundbreaking audio advertising technology that redefines audience engagement through Generative AI. Tailor every audio ad in real time using cutting-edge AI that adapts to listener behaviors, location, and demographics for unparalleled personalization and impact.

Unlock the Value of
First-Party Retail Data

Harness the power of your first-party data combined with dynamic, context-aware audio creatives to connect directly with consumer audiences on multiple inventory platforms. WAVE ensures each ad speaks directly to listeners, enhancing the customer journey with each interaction – All with human-like pronunciation and adaptive ad dialogue.

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Audio Engagement

WAVE’s dynamic triggers offer a highly personalized advertising experience by adjusting the audio message based on real-time factors like time of day, geographic location, and current weather conditions. This allows brands to create ads that feel tailored to each listener’s immediate context. By integrating audience data and page context, ads become more relevant and engaging, which can drive conversions and improve full-funnel performance.

Available on multiple streaming services

Why work with us on Dynamic Audio

AI-based, driving scale and performance
Multiple dynamic campaign triggers
Comprehensive streaming inventory access
Highly-Personalized, hyper-local experiences
Multi language: English, Spanish
Full-Funnel Measurement & Optimization

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