Audience Segmentation

Consumer Privacy with
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Reach your customers wherever they are, anticipate how they’ll respond to an ad, and optimize the ad to maximize performance with Perion’s privacy-first advertising solutions.

Our privacy solutions include contextual targeting across all devices, SORT®, our proprietary privacy-safe targeting technology, and Universal IDs.

SORT® –Outperforming cookie-based targeting

SORT® is our proprietary machine learning-based technology to identify customers based on cookieless signals, sort them into predefined SmartGroups, predict their mindsets, and optimize ads based on how they’re likely to react. The SORT technology enables advertisers and brands to achieve superior results to third-party cookies, while being privacy compliant.

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SORT –Award winning Technology

How SORT® Works

When a person lands on a page within our network, SORT® clustering technology analyzes all of their cookieless attributes in real-time. Based on the combination of attributes seen, SORT® will match the person into one of our predefined SmartGroups, which allows us to predict their mindset and serve them the most relevant ad.
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Why work with us on Audience Segmentation technology

Certified cookieless, GDPR and CCPA compliant
Outperforms cookie-based targeting
Predicts how a user responds to an ad
Operates across all browsers and devices.
Optimizes delivery towards specific KPIs
Award winning technology

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