Harness smarter monetization solutions and personalized

user experiences

Premium, unique demand. Actionable insights. Proprietary technology. All within the Perion ecosystem of solutions that drives your on-site performance — on any screen, for any KPI. 

Digital Monetization

Turn user intent into revenue, maximize performance, and promote authentic user engagement with the right ad at the right time. 

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Unlock unique demand and maximize revenue without sacrificing site performance and user experience.

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Tools and Automation

Maximize yield. Maximize optimization. This is where the art of campaign management meets the science of scale, for any format.

Quality and Compliance

Enhanced brand safety is built on unwavering quality. As a member of the CBA, IAB, and TAG, Perion’s commitment to compliance guides our evolving ad suite.

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Go live quicker. Unlock new demand sources. Deliver engaging ads. Seamless and fast integration means yield optimization and revenue maximization.

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Uplift Collective

Connect with premium advertisers and provide brands the ability to uplift underrepresented communities through intentional media buys and donations.

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Let’s unlock the possibilities of digital advertising

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