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High Impact Formats

Our suite of high-impact formats are designed to elevate the experience for publishers and their audiences alike. By leveraging our unique ad formats, publishers can enhance user engagement while increasing ad revenue through smart monetization strategies. These cutting-edge solutions are tailored to fit seamlessly within your content, ensuring that user experience remains paramount while maximizing the effectiveness of each ad.

Engage More Deeply with Rich Media Ads

One of the standout features of our formats is the integration of rich media ads. These ads go beyond traditional static images by incorporating elements like video, audio, and interactive components that captivate users’ attention more effectively. The use of rich media can lead to higher engagement rates, as users are more likely to interact with content that is dynamic and engaging. For publishers, this means better engagement metrics and the potential for higher ad rates due to the increased value these ads provide.

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Boost Revenue with
High-Viewability Formats

Ensuring ads are seen is a cornerstone of digital advertising, and our high-viewability formats are engineered to optimize visibility without disrupting user experience. These formats are strategically designed to appear in user-friendly zones of your website, for higher exposure rates while maintaining the natural flow of content. This approach helps publishers maximize their ad inventory’s efficiency and, as a result, boosts overall revenue with ads that are actually seen and engaged with by audiences.

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Customization & Support

We understand that one size does not fit all.

Our formats offer multiple customization options, allowing publishers to tailor ads that perfectly fit their site’s design and user interaction patterns. Beyond customization, we provide extensive support and analytics, giving publishers the insights needed to optimize their strategies continually.
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Why Publishers work with our Formats

Designed to captivate and engage users, leading to longer interaction times.
High-viewability ad formats, making the most out of every ad slot.
Flexibility to customize ads to seamlessly integrate with their content and site layout.
Optimized for higher visibility, to improve engagement and click-through rates.
Access to detailed analytics and ongoing support.
Designed to be non-intrusive, maintaining the UX quality on publisher platforms

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