Digital Monetization

Unleashing Publisher Potential. Keeping users engaged.

Embrace a monetization solution designed for the modern web. Our platform delivers premium, high-impact, and standard creative formats across a variety of channels, enhancing cross-platform monetization. We provide flexible integration options—from client-side header bidding to direct server-to-server connections. Enhance your on-site performance with our AI-powered solutions designed for engaging user experiences​.

Proprietary Video Player.
Streaming Innovation

Our proprietary Instream Video Player is designed to captivate your audience and maximize monetization through strategic ad placements. As the primary, sound-on content player on your page, it ensures that ads are not just seen but heard, making every impression count.


With features like pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, this player is an essential tool for publishers aiming to enhance their video ad strategy and audience engagement.

Out Stream Video Format.
Boost Reach


Experience the next level of video advertising with out-stream video ad format. Seamlessly integrate this unique, high-quality format into your content with our easy plug-and-play Pre-bid integration.


Deliver a non-intrusive ad experience to your audience while ensuring high engagement and viewability with maximum impact and revenue generation.




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Dashboard & Analytics Insights that Empower.

Stay informed and in control with our comprehensive analytics dashboard, designed to provide transparent reporting and actionable insights. Whether you’re looking to access pre-populated reports or create custom ones, our dashboard makes it easy. Coupled with a dedicated account management team, we are here to assist with any reporting or optimization needs, ensuring you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Advanced Technology. Strong Partnerships.

Our solutions are fueled by cutting-edge technology, including proprietary ad servers and a publisher platform that supports cookieless technology for future-proofing your operations. Strategic partnerships with industry-leading measurement platforms enhance our offerings, enabling us to deliver superior monetization solutions that are as innovative and effective.
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Why Publishers Choose us:

Cross-Device Monetization: desktop, mobile, CTV, and more.
Impactful Ad formats that maximize revenue.
Easy integration with both client-side and server-side header bidding options.
Proprietary AI technology for superior targeting and optimization.
Dedicated diverse-owned publisher network to support DEI initiatives.
Enhanced interaction rates, brand recall, and overall ad performance.

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