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Innovative creative. Robust technology. Actionable insights. All from the Perion ecosystem that puts brands in the center and brings your campaigns to any screen.

High Impact Experiences

Ordinary ads stand alone on a page — Perion’s High Impact ads ensure your brand stands out. The difference? We meticulously design ads to be immersive, experiential, and engaging.

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Retail & Commerce

Want to shorten the path from inspiration to conversion? Our solutions uniquely marry advanced data and audience segmentation with dynamic creative capabilities, boosting in-store traffic and sales for top retail and CPG brands.

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Advanced Technology

When you work with Perion, you live at innovation’s edge. We pair sophisticated technology with a startup mentality to push boundaries, prioritize R&D, and perfect our unique capabilities.

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Responsible Advertising

Transform how you interact with your audience, all while making a meaningful impact on the world. This suite of tools goes above and beyond traditional marketing practices, allowing you to align your brand with ethical values and sustainable practices.

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